Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Story of Mahsuri

When you mention about Langkawi, the name Mahsuri is sure to be associated to its legendary tale. There was once a time when the ever beautiful Mahsuri lived a happy life but only to be murdered by villains of treachery and jealousy. She was accused of adultery. Mahsuri was sentenced to death but no weapon could harm her.

The tomb of Mahsuri or Makam Mahsuri. Picture source: Langkawi Coral.

 After several futile attempts, Mahsuri then told of the only object that could kill her, a special keris. She was then stabbed to death upon which white blood began flowing from her body. This was an indication of Mahsuri's innocence. Before her death, she cursed the island (Langkawi):
There shall be no peace and prosperity on this island for a period of seven generations.
Soon after her death, there was war and the island came to a turmoil that never invited peace nor prosperity. Not until recently, Langkawi has begun to take shape prosperously. It is said that the birth of the eight generation (some say seventh) of Mahsuri's descendant has ended the curse in 1980. Her name is Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi.

An excerpt from the Internet regarding Aishah, claimed to be a descendant of Mahsuri.
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